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1Does LIFEBOX guarantee I will quit smoking?
LIFEBOX cannot guarantee that you will quit smoking because that is, first and foremost, your decision. LIFEBOX helps you follow your quitting program by letting you take just the cigarettes the program has allotted to you for the day, gradually reducing their number day after day, until the day you will get rid of them altogether.
2Does LIFEBOX modify the cigarette taste?
Absolutely not. LIFEBOX does not contain or release any substance, nor any scent or taste. LIFEBOX is a smart pack container equipped with electronic components that allow its timer-controlled distribution of cigarettes.
3Is LIFEBOX a medical device?
LIFEBOX is not a medical device whatsoever. It is a smart cigarette case that helps you quit smoing thanls to its technology and mobile app.
4Does LIFEBOX require the use of prescription drugs?
Absolutely not. LIFEBOX does not require the use of any drugs whatsoever, nor of any alternative such as nicotine chewing gum or band-aids. Moreover, LIFEBOX is compatible with any type of medicine.
5Will there be any additional cost after I have purchased a LIFEBOX?
Not at all. When you purchase a LIFEBOX you will use it during your quitting program. You might also wish you keep it with you after you have reached your goal: it will help you appreciate your new life without cigarettes.
6In which countries is LIFEBOX shipped?
We ship all over the world. Shipping to the USA costs $15, to Europe $15, to all other countries $20.
7How is shipping managed?
We ship through an international courier that offers tracking services.
8What color options are available?
At launch time two color variants are available: BLACK and WHITE.
9What does the LIFEBOX package contain?
It contains the LIFEBOX device; the User’s Manual; the USB charging cable
10With what cigarette packs is LIFEBOX compatible?
Cigarettes that are longer or different from the standard size will not fit. LIFEBOX is compatible with the commonest 20 cigarette packs sized 88 x 59 x 24 mm (3.46 x 2.32 x 0.94 in.).
11For what smartphones is the app available?
The app is available for all Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones.
12Do I have to pay for the app?
No, the app is included in the LIFEBOX price.
13How do I connect my smartphone?
It is necessary to download the dedicated app, activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the app to carry out the association. It is a very simple operation that needs to be done just once.
14Shall I keep the Bluetooth always active on my phone?
No. The first time it is necessary to perform the pairing with your LIFEBOX, then you will switch the Bluetooth on whenever you want to synchronize the LIFEBOX data with the app.
15How long does a battery charge last?
A battery charge lasts 3-4 days. The battery capacity is 380 mAh.
16What does the warranty cover?
We offer a 1-year warranty period during which the LIFEBOX replacement in the event of factory defects or malfunctions is free of charge. Accidental damage to the LIFEBOX is not covered.
17What material is LIFEBOX made of?
LIFEBOX is made with non-toxic, high-quality and resistant plastic material with a nice skid-proof finishing.
18What makes LIFEBOX different from other methods to quit smoking?
LIFEBOX is a patented, exclusive method that will allow you to quit gradually, letting your body get used, day after day, to the lack of nicotine. It is not invasive and it does not require the use of drugs or any other substances whatsoever. It does not replace an addiction with another one. On the contrary, it helps you quit for good thanks to its gradual, guided program. Another unique feature of the LIFEBOX method is that it aids you to gradually dissolve any other of your routines connected to smoke. For instance, after the second week of the program the first cigarette of the day will not be supplied to you immediately, but after a few minutes, thus creating a dissociation from your routine.
19Can I return LIFEBOX after I have purchased it?
Products purchased in November and December can be returned after 45 days from the purchase date or within January, 31st of the following year, whichever comes first.